Wednesday, November 08, 2006


monday morning, i mailed my final car payment.

monday night, my car decided it no longer wanted to start.


Kal said...

Well, could've been worse... Could've blown up, or fallen off a cliff, or been crushed by a meteor.

Remember, as it is written in the book of Python: Always look at the bright side of life.

duff said...

according to my mechanic, whom i called thursday, after a 2 hour comedy of errors involving triple a and a towing company, it seems my battery is no longer feeling that certain spark....or whatever it is batteries do.

viewing will take place early next week, followed by a short burial ceremony whatever evening i make it over there to pick up my chariot.

not sure yet if anything else is kaput, though my car is five years old, has 85,000 miles on it, and i'm sure it's about time for something major to go "sproing".

Agent Chuckawucka said...

Your batteries lacked a spark for life...

There's something almost sad, but really funny and poetic in that. But, yes, most uncanny that your car waited until the day of the final car payment to go kaputz. It's strange karma, I say.

But, yes, things could be plenty worse.

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