Saturday, November 18, 2006

just (not) a friend

maggie and i are not going to be friends. i know this already.

you know how sometimes, when you meet someone new, you just know right off the bat that the two of you aren’t going to get along? well, that’s maggie in a nutshell.

when daddy announced that she would be joining us on our roadtrip to albuquerque, i was a little concerned. was this a new step-grandchild? a new pet? (highly unlikely, since daddy isn’t exactly what one would call a “pet person”, despite the short term, inadvertent hamster-breeding phase....)

no such luck. i mean, i’m glad i don’t have to share the backseat (the best way to travel through kansas is in a somnolent me on this.), but i’m really starting to wish i’d brought better headphones along with maggie, because she’s bossy and just won’t shut up.

i know i’ve kvetched about those annoying navigational aids before. i also know that my dad reads my blog. add to that the fact that he’s seen RV. surely, by this point you, like i, are scratching your head and wondering how, despite all of the above facts, daddy still insists on traveling with maggie, especially since he’s got an atlas in the car and is not afraid to use it.

however, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday and family togetherness and all that, i am willing to give maggie a chance, however, the first time she tells us to make a u-turn at the next possible opportunity because we’re not following her preferred route, i can’t promise i won’t mumble “bossy bitch” under my breath while reaching for my headphones.

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dheninger said...

i knew you would like maggie--lol. i have traveled with her on a little roadtrip to higginsville, mo that kathie and i took earlier in the year. i liked her but i thought of you and your dislike of navagational tools when i was in the car so i just knew you would comment on her on this trip.