Tuesday, November 21, 2006

if this thing blows......

while i must admit that i am mildly disappointed that we’re unable to make it over to the eastern end of el malpais national monument on the way back to albuquerque this evening, at least we were able to fully explore el morro national monument.

(before i whipped out the atlas to look for national park-related day trips from albuquerque, i hadn’t heard of it either.)

perhaps i’ll actually be able to upload some of my pictures this evening...especially after the close call that nearly resulted in my inability to take pictures at all.

before leaving south carolina a few days ago, i made sure to pack my digital camera, as well as a handful of charged (or so i thought) rechargable batteries. while i’m still a film kind of girl, i figured i’d have enough of a hassle at the airport with my computer, and just didn’t feel like dealing with highly paid tsa employees who’d undoubtedly frisk my black and white film and considering the “liquid issues” they were having over the summer, i could just see myself trying to explain that i didn’t have any intention whatsoever of blowing anything up with my contact lenses and solution.

since my batteries were running low after shooting approximately 10, 251 pictures during the road trip to albuquerque*, a battery change was in order. unfortunately, as i quickly found out, the batteries i foolishly thought were fully charged...well....weren’t.


you know how battery manufacturers always warn against mixing rechargeable and alkaline batteries? how they leave you under the impression that if you commit such a foul and horrible sin, your camera, discman, or other battery-powered instant gratification device will surely explode, not only killing you but sending you on the fast track to hell, to boot?

guess what my dad’s solution was?

i am pleased to report that his theory that the fresh alkaline battery would rejuvenate the rechargeable i had in my camera has held true so far, allowing me to take several photos of the oasis at el morro, as well as many of the petroglyphs and inscriptions on the delicate sandstone of the rock formation and the ancient ruins i nearly wore myself out hiking to at the top of the rocks**. so far, the camera has not blown up, though i don’t think i’ll breathe easy just yet. (actually, after the 2-mile hike to the ruins on top of el morro, i’m still breathing a little hard- a sure sign that maybe i need to get out just a little more.)

*i know. go figure. they just don’t make ‘em like they used to, do they?
**for some reason, at this point in the hike, “stuck in a closet with vanna white” popped into my head. i have no idea how or why it happened, but i suppose it’s better than being at the top of a hill with van halen’s “jump” in your head. i mean, one ill-fated leap into the air, and you could go from enjoying the scenery to experiencing it in a rather extreme way.

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