Sunday, October 15, 2006

procrastination for a worthy cause?

i'm having a hard time focusing this morning (err....make that afternoon). as usual, i have stuff i could be doing, but i seem to be mentally bouncing off the walls.

id blame my lack of focus on all the caffiene i've consumed lately, but i've actually been behaving pretty well lately.....aside from the vat of baja blast SO brought back from taco bell the other night.....but that should have worn off by now, shouldn't it?

anyway, most of my energy today has been spent trying to reorganize my digital photos. while digging through some of the folders, i realized that i've been fortunate enough to go some really cool places this year. (trust me- the fact that i can travel pretty much whenever i want to is something i am quite grateful for. i know how lucky i am.....and i figure i should take full advantage of my situation, since i have no idea when i'll have such a great arrangement again.)

here are a few favorite shots from some of my outings this year:

havasu falls, havasupai

mooney falls, havasupai
grand canyon national park, arizona
april 2006

norris geyser basin

grand canyon of the yellowstone
yellowstone national park, wyoming
june 2006

the tetons, grand teton national park
wyoming, june 2006

the virgin river, zion canyon

"wall street", zion narrows
zion national park, utah
early september 2006

by the way, the october 2006 issue of national geographic magazine has some fantastic articles about(and, of course, pictures of) our national parks. (i'm pleased to report that all four of the ones pictured above are mentioned, as well as several i'd like to visit in the near future.) the issue is definitely worth checking out if you have the time. while i wouldn't necessarily call myself a "tree hugger", it distresses me to consider some of the possible fates of these parks.....something i'm afraid most folks wouldn't understand if they've never been to the grand canyon, or yellowstone, or the tetons, or zion, or just about any other major national park.

if any of you have national park photos of your own posted anywhere, plase let me know where to find them. i'm beginning to plan out my vacations for 2007 and would love suggestions.......

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Kristi said...


the Rockies are gorgeous!
Alotof BC is breathtaking. saw a lot of it growing up and traveling with the parents.Now I'm sharing with The Queen. Its sooooo worth it!

Your pics are beautiful!