Sunday, October 29, 2006

in the spirit of the season......

Which Rocky Horror Character are You?

You are *Janet*! O.K so you may start off rather lame but you come into your own at the end. You are pretty and very funny to watch. You look good in your underwear and you get it on with both Frank and Rocky. Yay!
Take this quiz!

toucha, toucha, touch me, indeed.


Callie said...

I was Magenta.


duff said...

i was magenta the first time, too.

i was trying for columbia, but i suppose that janet's a little more fitting, given my apparent girl-next-doorishness.

even i'm not that much of a goody two shoes, though.

Kal said...

ouch. I got Janet too... (actually got Rocky first, but he's a tad dense for me...)