Sunday, October 29, 2006

i'm too sexy for this post....

i made the mistake of walking down the hall a few minutes ago (i'm at the radio station- my weekend home away from home), and heard this:

which brought to mind the spanish version, which was the "b" side on the cassette single. (i'd offer to sing it for you, but my knowledge of spanish is a bit limited, to say the least.)

though i know all the words to the english version, backwards and forward, as a public service, i will refrain from singing it to you, too.

however, i am unable to make the same promise regarding this one:

it has been far, far, too long since i last did the time warp. in fact, i think the last time was roughly five years ago, when i started working at wnok. that halloween, the djs were allowed to celebrate the season by adding "dead man's party", "werewolves of london", "thriller", and the aforementioned classic from the rocky horror picture show.

i clearly recall, even five years later, as i left the radio station halloween night, i asked the dj after me if he'd mind playing "the time warp" for me to listen to during my drive across town to pass out halloween candy.........

...but i digress.

in kansas city, one could usually find a theatre somewhere in town to see rocky horror on a saturday night. to be perfectly honest, i'm not sure such things are possible here in columbia, south carolina.

that's not the only halloween-related thing i miss about kansas city. (i swear, i never thought i'd miss anything about kansas city, but perhaps the list i posted the other day has stirred up a few memories....)

i miss haunted houses.

sure, they have little "terror trails" around here, but nothing beats going to the old warehouses in the "bottoms" section of downtown kansas city and paying a day's wages (okay, maybe it just seemed that expensive) to get the crap scared out of you at the beast and catacombs....or maybe you weren't actually that scared, but wanted an excuse to hold his/her hand really tight while walking through the attraction.

i miss having a controversy-free halloween.

unless you live along the bible belt, having halloween fall on a sunday is no big deal. however, there was quite an uproar around here a couple of years ago, when halloween fell on a sunday. seriously, you have no idea. as i recall, most counties observed halloween on sunday, but there were a few towns that were convinced that celebrating halloween on a sunday was undoubtedly the fast track to hell. i'm pretty sure the ruckus was caused by the same folks who believe that teaching abstinence instead of sex ed in schools will actually keep their sixteen year olds from playing "find the salami" behind the local waffle house, but i suppose i could be wrong about that. on the bright side, however, savvy kids were able to go trick or treating not once, but twice, because of the controversy, so i suppose it wasn't such a horrible deal after all.

i'd also missed having a halloween costume, so i went out and bought one this year. i'm not sure whether or not i'll actually wear it this year, but at least i could if i wanted to. when i bought it, one of the store employees informed me that that was the best he'd seen that costume look. i assume he was just trying to make a sale, but i also noticed he appeared to be missing an ear, which pretty much qualifies him as the strange sort of guy i generally seem to attract, so who knows?

then again, maybe he's planning on going as van gogh this year.

now that's damn sexy, let me tell you.


Kal said...

Man, time warp brings back every high school and junior high school dance...

Black mascara flashback...

LBseahag said...

i just heard this on accident on the way home tonight...weird...

so did you wear the costume??????????

duff said...

kal: you used to weasr black mascara? you seemed more like a brown or maybe brown/black sort of guy to me.

seahag: the costume? sadly, no. however, i wore the big girl boots i bought to go with the costume to the def leppard concert i attended on the 2nd. i may even have been checked out- though they probably just had something in their eyes.