Thursday, October 19, 2006

a funny thing happened at the fair....

last night, i went to the sc state fair (for the first time, i might add) with the bosses and their kids. we split up into two groups, and i wound up heading for the "big kid" rides with the guys. since most of the rides were two-seaters, that meant someone generally wound up riding alone, or with a stranger.......and one of the times, i wound up being the loner.

i was still trying to figure out the likelihood that the ride in question was going to make me toss my cookies when a guy who would've been my type about 10 years ago (and i'm guessing he was only a year or two older than i was ten years ago) came up and asked if he could ride with me. no problem.

as he was getting strapped in, he skipped past the whole "introduction" thing and headed straight for "how old are you?".

i know that with the braces/zits/ponytail combination i was sporting last night, i probably looked a little young. i hadn't quite realized how young.

"probably older than you think." (a safe bet, and i can't say i'm not proud of my youthful good looks)



"how old do you think i am?"


wow. no wonder he didn't tell me his name first- he was concerned i was jailbait.

i thanked him for the low estimate, and broke it to him gently- that i was 28- almost ready to start comparing nursing homes.

"wow. i was figuring 14 or 15, but then you said you were older......"

ah yes, it seems i haven't lost my touch. 75% of what i attract always has been either married, female, or none too bright.


Callie said...

Have I iterated recently how jealous I am of you? 15 or 16??!

People usually guess I'm older.


Sounds like you had fun, though!

locomocos said...

so....if you had said 15 or 16 - would he have hit on you?
Was he LOOKING for jail bait - or just trying to impress you?

i'm confused.

which happens a lot.

and i also get people thinking i'm 23 at the OLDEST. No teens anymore, except when i'm trying to buy smokes....

Kal said...

You're not 15? Damn, I'm outta here!

Stef said...

I can no longer pass for a teenager (though someone at my oldest son's middle school ten years ago thought I was a student and what was I doing out of class), I had someone tell me recently that I could pass for 28... someone I know who will hit a major age milestone next year was none too pleased to hear that because he already thinks he's a lot older than I am (really, he's less than a decade older).

At least I'm not being mistaken for my 23 and 20 year olds sister...

I'll take the 27-30 range, thanks.

mr_g said...

Hell, right now it'd be nice if someone thought I was in my 30's!