Monday, October 23, 2006

now playing on my mental jukebox.....

perhaps i shouldn't have mentioned the monkees in last night's post- i've had "pleasant valley sunday" stuck in my head for most of the day.

not that i mind all that much, really- though it would be helpful if i could remember the words to the whole song, not just a set of four lines that seem to be stuck on permanent "repeat" in my head.

it's finally getting chilly here in south carolina. i think we only made it to the mid-60s today (hey- that's pretty cold for us, considering....), and i left work earlier than usual (though by no means early) so i could haul my cacti in before they got too cold. i'm afraid a couple of them might not make it, though. guess maybe i should have watered them once or twice in the last couple of months.

maybe sometimes being low maintainence can be a bad thing, i suppose.

..and just like that, the monkees are out, and chris isaak is in.

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