Friday, May 19, 2006

you know it's bad when....'re cuddling up to your laptop to take advantage of the heat it puts out...on an 80+ degree day, no less.

i'm babysitting a truck race at the radio station this evening, and i am in what is quite easily the coldest room in the building, and as luck would have it, i have to sit directly under a vent that i swear is pumping out 40-degree air.

you now, it's really too bad i've been too lazy to recharge my batteries for the digital camera, because otherwise, i could present to you my best loni anderson imitation.

riiiiiight. you should be so lucky. (hell, i should be so lucky- wasn't she about a d cup?)

if this was covered on wkrp, i'm afraid i missed the episode.


mr_g said...

It was the same episode where Johnny and Venus have the threesome with Mr. Carlson's wife while Less watches from the corner...remember?

Kal said...

Oh, I love that episode!

duff said...

mr_g: i totally missed that episode. guess i'll have to wait for them to produce a dvd set.

kal: why does that not surprise me?