Saturday, May 27, 2006

easily amused

my 4 year old sidekick and her family left for myrtle beach yesterday. they were supposed to head out around 3pm, but didn't get out of the driveway until two hours later, partially because of the mysterious disappearance of my sidekick.

i was up in her bedroom, unhooking her monitor from her computer so it could be hooked up to her brother's playstation at the beach, when sidekick announced she needed to use the bathroom.

not five minutes later, the screams started. (well, not really screams- more like loud requests for her mother's presence.) i ran downstairs to pass along the request to her mom, who was answering the phone at that moment, and then went back upstairs and assured her that mama was coming.

i guess she got tired of waiting.

between half an hour and forty five minutes later, everyone (and all their most important worldly possessions) was packed in the car, ready to roll.

except for my sidekick, that is.

naturally, i volunteered to track her down. i went inside the house and called her name a couple of times.

i was met with total silence, which was unlike her.

then, i ran upstairs to the last place i saw her. i opened the bathroom door slowly, and met with a sight that was not only hysterically funny, but would have also been pretty photoworthy....had her swimsuit not been around her ankles.

i guess i'd worn her out at the pool, or maybe it was the late night the evening before, because there my sidekick was, head resting in the back of the toilet, aforementioned swimsuit around aforementioned ankles, flat out snoozing hard on the throne.

i'm working on fashioning this into some sort of comeback the next time she brings up the subject of my butt.........


Labbie said...

Awww! I can relate... I've taken many a nap on the john... NOT WITH John. I hate John.

Motherdear said...

A snappy comeback? At four?? She must be some other type of kid!

How about something like "Yeah, well, at least mine doesn't have a ring engraved around it, snoozypoopergirl!!"

That's hilarious. BG used to fall asleep wherever he sat, too. One time he crawled into the dryer and took a nap. I went NUTZO trying to find him. Good thing the laundry was done!

duff said...

labbie: aw, come on- john's not that bad. i think you're just a little unnerved by his lazy eye.

motherdear: i've been trying to mold my sidekick in my image. i've had regular contact with her since right before she turned two (she was in my class for a year), so we do pretty well together.

she's an absolute trip. i've told her before that i want to be her when i grow up...though maybe not quite so girly.

Motherdear said...

She sounds delightful! Although I have to say, if she's this sharp at four years of age, I can't imagine what she's going to be like as a teenager! God help her parents and her mentor!!

And she could do a lot worse than be moulded in your image, duff. A LOT worse! She's lucky to have you.

And don't bother growing up. There's no future in it, trust me!