Sunday, May 21, 2006

in the sticks

as promised, SO and i went hiking in congaree national park yesterday. i'm pleased to report that everything went well- no mosquito bites or alligator attacks, and thunderstorms didn't roll through the area until we were back out of the park and heading back to columbia. since i'm a photo-happy fool, here are a few pictures from our trip:

the entrance to the park

a new picture for the profile? the stumps in the back are actually bald cypress "knees"- part of their root systems. (the trees grow so tall that the knees help stabilize them, as well as bringing in extra nutrients....or something like that. i don't remember where i stuck my informative pamphlet.)

more bald cypress trees. can you tell we're in the middle of a drought?

hot dog the gnomad, who returned from arizona with me last month. (i know, i know- i really need to finish tinkering with those photos, don't i?)


joanne said...

Love the photos, but your blog isn't viewing correctly in my browser now. I had to scroll WAY down to see your post.

duff said...

thanks for the compliment, joanne.

i know what's pushing everything down- it's some sort of glitch with the quizzes i recently took. as soon as they fall of the page, things should return to normal.

Martha said...

That forest looks absolutely stunning.

Are you serious about alligators?

chuckawucka said...

Wow, you look younger than me. :)

duff said...

martha: i wish i were kidding about the alligators.

i've never actually seen one in the wild, but south carolina has a fair number of swamps, which just happens to be where the gators like to hang out.

chuckawucka: thanks- i'm taking that as a huge compliment. :~)