Monday, May 08, 2006


i have been forced to sit in the wet spot more than i care to admit the past 24 hours, and i'm afraid i have no one to blame but myself.

now that i've got your interest, we'll move on to something completely different (or is it?).

i feel slightly pressured to make whatever it is i write about this evening at least vaguely interesting, mostly because i noticed today that my readership is back up again and i don't want to let any of my five readers down.

with that in mind, let's discuss something truly thrilling- windows.

i have always been something of an old-fashioned girl. every single car we had growing up had windows you had to crank yourself. it was a great system, and i give it credit for the bulging biceps i sport to this day.*

since this was all i'd ever known (and because i'm stubborn and need complete and total control over my window at all times), when the time came for me make my first automobile purchase, i declined the power windows and door locks (don't even get me started on those- we'll be here all night), and went the old fashioned route, even though it meant giving up a sunroof and 6-cd changer.

i'm pleased to report that over the past 4 1/2 years, i have had absolutely zero mechanical problems with my windows and door locks. however, i have managed to leave my window(s) down during approximately 2 dozen rainstorms, at least half of which were rather heavy.

lately, i've enjoyed a pretty long streak of remembering to roll my windows up upon exiting the car. in fact, i'd say over the past six months, i've been damn near flawless.

unfortunately, my streak ended yesterday.

i arrived at the radio station with 20 seconds before i had to introduce the next song, which necessitated both a fast exit from my hastily parked vehicle, as well as a full-on sprint into the building and in front of my microphone. after giving some trivial little tidbit about james blunt, i wandered back out to my car, opened the passenger door, and grabbed my worldly possessions from my passenger seat. with my various "projects" in hand (and crook of elbow, and on shoulder), i headed back into the building and got on with my day.

a couple hours later, i stuck my nose outside (had to give a weather report, and it's always good to be at least semi-accurate...unless, of course, you're willard scott, in which case you're probably far too busy worrying about keeping those centenarians' names straight long enough to wish them a happy birthday) and learned that not only was it raining, but apparently, our parking lot would soon have enough water running across it that the columbia kayak club would soon be begging us to let them onto our property so they could ride the rapids.

not wanting to stick around long enough to let them in (i have a hard time saying "no"), i scurried back indoors and resumed gathering my useless musical trivia and whatnot for my show. i didn't really give the weather any more thought until about an hour later, when my very wet SO delivered my slightly wet lunch, and informed me that my driver's side window had been rolled all the way down and that entire half of the interior of my car was now wetter than a goldfish's tongue.

since i couldn't talk him into swapping cars with me for a day or two, you guessed it- i got stuck in the wet spot. **

*okay- maybe that's a slight exaggeration. i mean, they don't really bulge, but i like to think there's a little bit of muscle tone there somewhere.

**what were you thinking? never mind- don't answer that. i know for a fact that most of my friends are downright perverted.


Mossy Stone said...

I thought our inherent perversions were part of our charm?

duff said...

good call, mossy.

Labbie said...

Oh, no, not me. I wasn't thinking dirty at all. Well, maybe a little bit. Just enough to make me smile.