Thursday, May 18, 2006

when kal is no help whatsoever

as usual, i've had a song stuck in my head all day, and try as i might, i've been unable to get it out thus far.

i thought perhaps looking at other blogs this evening, might help, but noooo....i'm afraid my visit to kal's world has actually made the problem worse.

you see, the song was "when i get you alone", and it was a minor hit in 2003 for in alan in the artist behind the song is mister seaver's real-life son robin.

thanks a lot, kal.


Kal said...

Boy, the Thicke's really are show biz royalty, aren't they.

Glad I could be of service, Duffikins.

Bwa ha ha.

Callie said...

I'm just extremely happy that I have never heard the song, so it can't get stuck in my head. However, thanks to your previous post, I DO have "What have you done for me lately?" buzzing around in there.

GET IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

duff said...

kal: you are just so....wrong.

callie: what have you done for me lately? woooooooooo-yeah.