Sunday, May 14, 2006

this and that

a few random tidbits from today:

i was the first to call mama, my future potential mother in law, and both remaining grandmas to with them a happy mother's day. (yes, i am still gloating about this.)

i knew mama was cool (she has a rolling stone subscription), but i had no idea how cool (she subscribed when the magazine first started out. unfortunately, my rather uptight grandmother found out, and made her cancel the subscription after two issues).

i will have to update these lists in a month and a half. guess that means i need to hurry up and finish my arizona pictures/writeups.

and while i'm making a mental "to do" list, i need to help bodhi put up some pictures from his recent trips. perhaps there will be something new to look at over on his blog by next weekend.....perhaps.

that's it this evening- it's been a rather exhausting week, and i still have a small pile of myspace-related radio stuff to do before i leave tonight.

(by the way, happy mother's day to my maternal readership)


joanne said...

Interesting state list. You've been to NM? Fairly boring, isn't it? I've been to SC, but about two years ago.

Labbie said...

Isn't it redundant to say "future potential" when referring to your future potential mother in law?