Friday, May 12, 2006

look at me!

i'm early this week! for once, i'm actually ahead. (or maybe that's because everything else i need to do this weekend is harder than this, so by getting sentence saturday up 2 1/2 hours early i feel accomplished)

at any rate, go, me!

the first word for this week's edition of sentence saturday is scandomonucleated, thanks to mr_g. the first person to stop by and play (will it be before midnight?) needs to use the word in a sentence, then leave their own made-up word in the comments for the next person who stops by. (i'm really hoping we can make it to 20 this week, though i'm sure many folks will be spending quality time with their moms this weekend.) thanks for playing with me this week!


Stef said...

Zoe was totally scandomonucleated when word got around about her expolits in the big city.


mr_g said...

Despite the pointabinated ringing in his head, he continued to order diet cola and tequila with a splash of Jaeger until passing out in a pool of his own vomit.


duff said...

i wasn't sure what to make of the situation- i mean, it's not every day you find yourself with not one, not two, but three hurling toddlers on your hands. i'm sure such blechery is rare.


mr_g said...

Nobody had ever touched her tiopust before...and she liked it!


chuckawucka said...

I'm tempted to post a faux confession on and shout, " I love splathamum and am proud of it, baby!" just because I can.


Stef said...

Reading over my sister's medical texts, I found that I thought I had the symptoms of dalcelba ticduitis. Sis told me I was full of shit because it only affects men over 70.


MPH said...

I have unfortunately decided to return, for more details, please go to

Labbie said...

If MPH is back, then who is doing the techspicatal back at the lab? Oh, that's right... Me.