Tuesday, September 12, 2006

oops...she did it again

so there i was, minding my own business- innocently trying to login to my email to see if anyone loves me today- and there it was, big as life and twice as ugly.

it seems britney's had child number two. while britney's second pregnancy hadn't really been in the middle of my radar, for some reason i noticed the headline on yahoo a few minutes ago.

actually, i should rephrase that, i suppose. it was more about what i didn't see.... as in a subheadline about kevin federline finding "love" (who says money can't buy it for you? refresh my memory- wasn't there a story awhile back about how britney had to buy her own ring? but i digress......) with someone else, as happened when his first (and technically, i suppose, second) baby's mama was about to pop.

could it be that federline's actually...i shudder to even contemplate this....matured? or is it more a case of knowing that being married to britney will open far more doors for him and his career than being married to shar jackson would've?

note to recording industry execs: why can't you folks just ignore his knocking and pretend you aren't home, sort of like mama told us to do when we were younger and the jehovah's witnesses stopped by? i mean, really- must we actually have to suffer through that debut album of federline's smooth vocal stylings? isn't 15.99 a bit much to charge for a shiny coaster? looking forward to seeing that in the $2.99 markdown rack, though even that's a high price to pay just so i can replace one of the broken cd cases i have at home.

from what i gleaned by skimming the article, #2 is another boy, and the name is yet to be announced. after the brief controvery over the first kid's name (weren't the initials going to be PMS?), i can hardly wait to find out what this kid gets saddled with.

perhaps even more importantly, how long before the first driving lesson on britney's lap?


Anonymous said...

I'm all for government imposed sterilization.

Labbie said...

Kunstemaecker, that wasn't fascist-sounding at all, really. And I'm usually one that shudders at the thought of government-imposed anything.

Duff, when are you going to have your baby momma drama?