Monday, September 18, 2006

a little lip action?

so all day today, i wondered if i was losing weight. sure, it was a long shot, considering that i didn't eat anything this weekend that wasn't complete and total junk, but hey- my jeans were looser than usual, so maybe i'd actually stumbled upon some secret kfc weight loss plan.

i should have just stayed with that thought, rather than checking the tag in my jeans and discovering that not all of my larger pairs had been put away at the top of my closet.

on another note, we've been playing this a lot at the radio station lately, and i finally listened to the lyrics this morning on the way to work. i'd use it as my profile song, but cute as hinder's lead singer may be, he just doesn't have quite the same appeal as weird al.


Kodijack said...

I love KFC.

This type of music, its almost epidemic, white men crying. How long do you think it will last?

Kristin said...

This song is stuck worse than Pink's Who Knew was... dangnabbit.

duff said...

kodijack: it's all a plan to get laid. show women your sensitive side, and theoretically, they'll show you inside their panties.

kristin: i've never heard it.....yet my life still seems satisfying.