Saturday, September 30, 2006

my not so secret admirer returns!

i almost forgot to share this with you.....this little treasure was in my email yesterday:

Dearest Duff,
I miss you. Enclosed is a picture of me and my host....I tried to crop
out but she wouldn't let me.


(i tried to upload the picture, but blogger seems to feel the need to censor the picture freud sent. perhaps it's jealous of his large ego.)


mr_g said...

What do you expect from a guy named "Freud?"

LBseahag said...

Hey...I thought I was your secret admirer...

duff said...

mr_g: long story. unfortunately, you found me a little too late to witness the glory that was "ask freud"- possibly my sibling's most amusing project ever. too bad she nuked the entire blog.

lbseahag: he was my not so secret admirer. since i had no idea you admired me as well, you were the secret one, silly.

Callie said...


Tell ltlme that she is missed!!

Oh, and Blogger's jealous of everything lately.

Kal said...

Ahh, Frued... Those were good times.

We miss his little plastic insouciance...