Monday, September 04, 2006

did you miss me?

i wandered off into the wilderness.....and when i ran out of baby cheeses (oh, how i love the baby cheeses!), i knew it was time to come back home. the trip back from phoenix (and, ultimately, zion national park in utah)was far less eventful than the trip out, though i'm still pondering why the background music delta plays as folks are boarding/deplaning includes a muzak version of "blue monday" by new order.

i'm too busy doing laundry to share every exhaustive detail with you (though, if you remind me, i may be talked into posting the photos of the gnome abduction by a squirrel on one of the blogs for your enjoyment), but that won't stop me from sharing a few pictures....more of which will be found on random photos and bodhi's blog over the next few days.

navajo bridge- the only way to get a car across the grand canyon.

45 states down, 5 to go

in front of the upper emerald pool, which obviously possesses magical powers, as my chest looks huge for some reason.

the virgin river, which carved zion canyon, as seen from the bridge to the emerald pools trails.

naturally, i have about 450 other pictures i could post, but i also have a large pile of stinky hiking apparel to defunk. if you don't hear from me within the next three days, please send a search crew after me. i fear my funky hiking socks more than any mountain lion.....


chuckawucka said...

That last picture's pretty.

With regards to the funky hiking apparel, though, let's just hope they don't grow into their own civilization a la Lisa Simpson in Treehouse of Horror VII.

Labbie said...

Nice, uh, chest... ;)