Saturday, September 23, 2006

disneyworld deja vu- part one

i know you've been on the edge of your seat, eagerly awaiting one of my usual vacation dispatches. well, wait no more. i need something to do to get my mind off the pain i am currently experiencing due to a bit of overindulgence at boma buffet here at the animal kingdom lodge at disneyworld, and i'm overdue for a post, so i might as well take care of two birds with one stone.

too bad i can't come up with an equally easy solution for my current state....i mean, how bad is it when your stomach winds up sticking out beyond your boobs just because you couldn't resist having three delightfully sinful zebra domes (chocolate, chocolate mousse, angel food cake, and kahlua), which looked kind of loonely on that big ol' plate, so of course i had to add a few things to keep them company, and since i was taught at an early age to eat dinner before dessert, i had 3 other plates of food before i even approached the dessert end of the buffet and good grief my stomach hurts.

anyway, where was i? ah yes- my vacation.

i'm here with my "adoptive" family. it's a long story, but basically i've known keith and rhonda for the past ten years. i am one of four daughters they "adopted" during their stays in ohio and missouri over the years. (i was the second missouri "daughter" and the last of the four overall.)

we arrived here yesterday morning, after holing up in jacksonville thursday night. after checking into the animal kingdom lodge, we pretty much tossed our bags in the room and headed over to epcot center, my favorite park at disneyworld.

(before i continue boring you with the details thus far, let me mention that i'm pounding out this post from our balcony, where the view looks like this:

(i know, i know- i seriously need to strip the polish off my toes and start over. however, i'm on vacation, so i'm not really all that concerned about the issue at the moment.)

oh, and i have another picture i want to post- one of the giraffes moved a bit closer, and i get a clear shot of it, but does blogger want me to share it with you? nooooooo. perhaps i'll put it up on random photos.....or perhaps not. we'll have to see.

so, anyway, we went to epcot yesterday. after a snack in morocco, we wandered around a few of the other countries before heading to the polynesian resort for the ohana dinner. after dinner, we went to the magic kingdom for an hour, and rode the buzz lightyear and stitch rides in tomorrowland. most of the crowd came home after that, but rhonda and i hopped back on the monorail and headed back to epcot to take advantage of the extended hours they offered for resort guests.

roughly four rides, six gift shops/kiosks, and four hours later, we finally made it back to the room.

(to be continued later, in an attempt to trick blogger into letting me post more of my pictures)

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