Thursday, September 28, 2006

because you're dirty....

....but you have a good heart.

don't ask- i get strange songs stuck in my head sometimes.....make that all the time. it was "freebird" this morning, and now the cd i've been playing while driving around in SO's car the past few days seems to be etched into my brain.

before the bosses left town this evening, she asked what was wrong with my car. (i'm not exactly the fondest of driving SO's vehicle- i dislike gas-guzzling SUVs* and i'm not a fan of automatics, and SO's wheels somehow combine the worst of both worlds.....but he's got a cd player, which is one little amenity i didn't bother with on my car.)

i explained that we'd swapped while i was on vacation- it seemed a wise idea, since my car gets 29mpg, and his gets...well......12. (no- that's no a typo- we sat down and calculated it once. stupid SUV....)

i explained that we hadn't swapped back because he needs my car (and the car seat strapped in the backseat) to transport the little woman on a daily basis.

it just seemed like a nobler reason than "i'm not finished listening to this bodyrockers cd yet."

*actually, make that SUVs in general. why buy a vehicle that was intended for off road use if you have no intention of ever taking it off the road? just admit it- you have enough kids/crap to need a minivan.

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.: raven :. said...

i am not an SUV person either ... and exactly .. WHY BUY ONE when you are never going to take it off road .... buy a truck or a minivan ...

well said!!