Thursday, September 14, 2006

meet my friend, herb

it's not what you think.

i know, i know, you're hoping for a post about everyone's favorite sleazy sales guy, herb tarlek, but i'm just not going to give it to you tonight.

i will, however, supply you with this image to burn into the recesses of your brain:

(actually, i was a johnny fever kind of girl, but that's another story for another post.)

i found out last night something very....odd. furthermore, had i not had some sort of closure before, i certainly have it now.

it seems one of my exes* has his own blog. not only this, but he writes about thrilling topics like drinking, growing herbs (no really- herbs, not "herb"), drinking, why pregnant women shouldn't get special parking spots, drinking, bird nests, and, well, when all else fails howaboutanotherdrink?

wow. i now know exactly why we didn't work out. it wasn't because of my bad taste in music. it wasn't because of the other bullshit reason i was handed at the time. clearly i wasn't the one for him due to my lack of interest in any of the above topics.

instead, i prefer to blog about things like, well, um, ex-boyfriends who write about thrilling topics like drinking, growing herbs (no really- herbs, not "herb"), drinking..........

*to clarify, the ones i still like are "former boyfriends", whereas the ones i don't really wish to admit to dating/am not currently on good terms with are "exes".


Labbie said...


And do all your exes live in Texas? Mine do. Hehehehe.

Callie said...

He sounds like a complete butthead.

Glad you got rid of him (never admit to anything else).

That being said - wanna drink???


mr_g said...

Almost sounds like he became a moped. You know, kind of fun to ride around on, but you don't want your friends to see you on it.

And for the record, I miss sentence saturday!