Sunday, August 27, 2006

why i should never, ever wind up on a desert island

i woke up next to trent reznor this morning.

no need to worry- i'm not fooling around while SO is out of town or anything like that. i got sick of waking up to def leppard each morning, so i swapped out the cd in the alarm clock for "pretty hate machine" by nine inch nails.

jenny gilbert, who i hung out with constantly for about a year in high school, introduced me to the cd my sophomore year. as i recall, i was over at her house one day after summer school (math and i were not the best of friends, and it probably didn't help too much that i was too busy passing notes in class to actually focus on geometry, which i never really understood anyway. i mean what was with all those "proofs"? why did i have to prove something was true, if it had obviously already been proven? they never put unproven proofs in the books- why make us prove something was untrue? so, if the proof had already been proven true by someone else, why did i need to prove it as well? but i digress......)

anyway, i was over at jenny's house, dancing around in her basement while watching mtv, which i obviously didn't have at home (and this was back in the good ol' days, when mtv actually lived up to its name and played (brace yourself, kids) music. anyway, the first time "down in it" came on, i was mesmerized. who was the hunk with the longish hair walking down the street and jumping off of ledges and stuff while singing/rapping/whatever the heck you want to call it and lo and behold, jenny whipped out the pretty hate machine cd shortly thereafter.

i became hooked rather quickly, and that was before i started dating andy, who was pretty obsessed with nine inch nails himself.

anyway, i was laying in bed this morning, hesitant to turn off the cd, as it's been awhile since i last listened to it, and i started thinking about how this would definitely make my list (oh no! cliche alert!) of "desert island discs".

i've been asked to compile such a list before, and i always have a hard time with it. i inevitably wind up with greatest hits collections on the list, because otherwise i'd need at least twenty desert island discs to allow for multiple releases by depeche mode, duran duran, and inxs.

i don't know if the problem is my indecisiveness or if it's simply a cruel question to ask a dj. either way, here's my current list, which surely will take me at least a good half an hour to narrow down:

ten discs i would need on a desert island to keep me from losing my marbles, in no particular order*

1. nine inch nails "pretty hate machine"
2. inxs "kick" "shabooh shoobah" "listen like theives" "x" "shine like it does: the anthology"
3. the soundtrack to "threesome"
4. duran duran "seven and the ragged tiger"
5. u2 "actung baby"
6. the cult "high octane hits" (too bad i currently have no clue as to the whereabouts of the cd...i really should dig it up before my next trip....on wednesday.)
7. the monkees greatest hits
8. the soundtrack to "the saint"
9. depeche mode "singles 1986-1998"
10. the cure "galore"

that wasn't so bad...though i'm going to have to smuggle "ready sex go" by the marvelous 3 inside one of the cds cases, and i might be in the mood for the moody blues at some point, so i guess their greatest hits cd might have to accidentally wind up piggybacked in one of the cases and i really like "hunting high and low" by aha- it's good for when i'm in a mellow mood....

*the cds, not my marbles


chuckawucka said...

So you listen to "the Saint" soundtrack, eh? Cool.

I wonder where your mind drifts off to when you listen to it. You as Dr. Russell to Kilmer's Simon Templar, I suppose.

locomocos said...

in no random order:
1. Depeche Mode - Violator (although i hope i could bring my OWN depeche mode 'greatest hits' tape i made in high school)
2. Beck - Sea Changes
3. Graham Smith - Final Battle
4. Madonna - The Immaculate Collection
5. U2 - The Joshua Tree
6. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - Naturally
7. INXS - that anthology which i didn't know they had, but i choose that too!
8. Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting
9. Beck - Midnight Vultures
10. New Order - Retro

i'm sure my mind will change within the hour.
and by the way - Jenny Gilbert is moving to Denver in September! I'll tell her of your fond memories!

Anonymous said...

I would have never thought you liked that kind of music.

locomocos said...

did you think val kilmer's teeth looked a bit strange in The Saint?

NO!!! not the fake teeth he kept wearing, but when he FINALLY showed his REAL teeth!

i think the real ones looked FAKE. hhmmmmm.....i guess i'll never know....

Kristin said...

U2 has a double cd The Singles 1980-1990 and The Singles 1990-2000 .. I couldn't choose just one of their cds and I'd end up with too many U2 and no MB20 or my homemade mixed cds.