Saturday, August 05, 2006

something to play with

why, oh why, has meat loaf's mid-90s tune "i would do anything for love (but i won't do that)"* been stuck in my head all day?

no, wait- i can totally pin this one on kal.

i have a certain fondness for bizarre musical trivia and i can't resist any sort of challenge to connect two seemingly dissimilar artists using such trivia, so the first thing i did this morning after getting to work was try to link prince to anthony hopkins, with a stop at meat loaf somewhere in the middle.

as my six readers already know (six! six! this is fantastic....and a great deal of pressure to post more often), my mind works in mysterious ways sometimes.

.....which leads me to a little challenge, which i'm going to post both here and over on myspace: can you connect david hasselhoff

and steven tyler

in six steps or less?

*or is it "(i would do anything for love) but i won't do that"? i'm too lazy to google it right now- let alone get up out of this chair and dig out my copy of bat out of hell II.


Kal said...

OK. Here we go:

Hoff was in Knight Rider with William Daniels, who voiced KITT.

William Daniels was Dr. Westphall in St. Elsewhere with Mark Harmon.

Mark Harmon did had a re-occuring guest role on Moonlighting with Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis was in Armageddeon with Liv Tyler, and

Liv Tyler is Stephen Tyler's kid.

How's that?

duff said...

beautiful, kal- though not the route i was taking.

i had motley crue involved- can anyone come up with that train of thought?

Labbie said...

Sorry, Duff... That train left the station a long time ago.

mr_g said...

I can't find the Motley Crue connection to Tyler, but...Hasselhoff was in Baywatch with Pam Anderson. Pam is engaged to/marrying Kid Rock. Kid Rock played the Superbowl in 2004 as did Aerosmith and STeven Tyler. Does that work?

mr_g said...

Duh, how could I be so dumb since I saw it live at the Universal in the 80's (yeah, I'm that old). OK....Hasselhoff -Pam from Baywatch. Pam married Tommy Lee who played on Sam Kinnison's Wild Thing with Steven Tyler!

Is that it?

Callie said...

I would have gone Kal's route. Sorry, but even though I love music, movies and TV are more my forte.


Kal said...

mr_g: brilliant! Would've never gotten there...

(btw, Callie, love the new avatar)

Larry said...

I was lost the whole time.

duff said...

wow. i bow down to the masters.

here's what i had in mind:

david hasselhoff was in baywatch with donna d'errico, who is divorcing nikki sixx, who's in motley crue, which will be touring with aerosmith this fall.

anyone care to offer up another challenge?

Labbie said...

Okay... Me and Kate Beckinsale in six steps.

Motherdear said...

Don't You WISH, Labbie!!!