Wednesday, August 09, 2006

getting predictable in my old age

i am totally procrastinating.

i just thought you should know that.

i have the usual pile of avon stuff that i'm ignoring (i'll have to bite the bullet and do something about the pile befopre bedtime, though), as well as a mountain of laundry that i should hang, since SO's only getting four three hours of sleep tonight before he goes back into work, and i think i've finally hit that point where the random piles of (admittedly, my) stuff all over the apartment could trigger some sort of late-night cleaning binge.

instead of tackling the multiple matters at hand, i'm sitting here, trying to work out why my mental jukebox is playing "get ready".....assuming that's the title....which naturally leads to a few guesses about the artist (temptations? four tops? crap- if only i weren't too lazy to get up off the couch and look).....which for some strange reason leads to the four seasons, which makes me want to check youtube for the video for "december 1963 (oh what a night)"...unless it's actually "oh what a night (december 1963)", and once again, i'm too lazy to look it up.

anyway, i know that once i get on youtube, i'll be tied up for like an hour or so, and then i'll have to get the avon pile taken care of, which will leave me no time to deal with the mountain of laundry, which means i'll just pile the colored load on top of the white load and the other colored load already on top of the dryer, and naturally some of the pile will fall over the back of the dryer, not to be seen again until we move or the articles of clothing tire of our little game of "hide and seek" and wander back out into the middle of the floor, bringing a couple of hangers with them, which i will, naturally, step on while barefoot, which will undoubtedly lead to the exclamation on my part of several new and unusual sequences of off-color words, some of which may be among the seven that george carlin advises us not to say on television and.....

where was i? oh, yes, youtube.

on sundays, i babysit the kim komando show on our talk radio station. this past weekend, she informed her listening audience that youtube actually surpassed myspace trafficwise recently. this doesn't surprise me in the least. i mean, once you click on one video, it's not hard to find yourself watching tawny kitaen rolling around on the hood of david coverdale's car several hours later.

the surprising part is that no matter what music video you start off with, be it "talk dirty to me" by poison, phil collins' "sussudio", or even "broken hearted savior", by big head todd and the monsters, you will always, at some point, be offered the chance to watch ms. kitaen writhe around.

seriously- go try it. and while you're at it, how about figuring the mystery artist out for me, because quite frankly, if i get up off this couch, i may wind up doing actual work.....and we simply can't have that, now can we?


dheninger said...

get ready is a song by the group rare earth from the 70's which happened to be one of my favorite songs back then. never heard of youtube--will have to check that site out

Motherdear said...

I'm afraid to go on YouTube. Thank God Kal keeps me updated! (As long as the update doesn't proceed beyond the mid-80s).

Laundry is meaningless. Housework is stringing beads with no knot on the end of your string. It's futile. All clothing should be disposable. All homes should have waterproof walls and drains in the floor so you can just hose it down once a week.

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