Sunday, August 13, 2006

giving back

so there i was, ready to post something cheerful and uplifting to cheer up a friend who's currently lamenting the lack of..uh...coed physical activity in their life.

since it's widely known that i'm a music geek, and it's also widely known that i've been harboring a slight youtube habit lately, i figured i'd cheer them up with the perfect music video- "touch me (all night long)" by cathy dennis.

a word to the wise: do not search for "touch me" on youtube while sitting at work. i'm sure three red flags were thrown up in the time it took me to realize what i'd done and then furiously click the "back" button about twelve times.

unfortunately, that left me on the page where i searched for a certain quiet riot tune, the title of which features a couple of misspellings, the first of which left me looking at, well, let's just say that only added to my collection of red flags.

i mean, seriously, kind folks over at youtube- if i type in "cum on feel the noize", i am searching only for the song by that name. there's simply no need to be helpful and throw up several options involving only the first portion of that title. if i wanted to watch three minutes of amateur porn, i'd try to figure out where that bootleg clip of the pam anderson/bret michaels video went.

anyway, after hastily closing the window, i reopened youtube on a fresh page, and searched in a different direction for the perfect thing to cheer up my friend, and since i know you need cheering up, too, i'll share it with you:


Kal said...

Michael Stipe really looks into this, but Peter Buck (the gutarist) looks like he's is trying to pretend he's not really there.

Penny Shagwell said...

I thought REM were Muppets.

chuckawucka said...

For a second there I thought it was the Muppet's Mahna Mahna song :P

Labbie said...

Thank you. I am now complete.

Kal said...

I'm have a PTSD flash-back from the car ride this past vacation: the Girl has this on a CD of kids songs and we heard it at least one too many times...

On the CD, the song ends with a Statler and Waldorff bit that goes like this:

That's Great!
Well, it was okay!
Not Bad!
Could've been Worse!
Well, I didn't like it that much!
Boy that Stinked!
Worst Ever!

Those two always kill me.

Motherdear said...

That was adorable!!!!!

Larry said...

Who couldn't use a little R.E.M. singing about muppets?

duff said...

now, if only i could find the sesame street song with the shark who sings about his teeth......