Saturday, February 26, 2005

my bag has an appetite for destruction

somewhere in the depths of my bag lurks a page from the george carlin 2005 page a day calendar i got for christmas. i noticed it this week as i was trying to catch up (so far, i'm up to february 20th- i'm on a roll). anyway, i was flipping through the calendar and noticed this particular page and said to myself, "wow- that would really work for a blog entry." of course, now that i've actually sat down to ramble into my blog, i can't find the page.

i'm convinced my bag eats things. it's an improvement over my trusty backpack, which was known to swallow whole notebooks on a regular basis and spit out only the bindings and a few tattered pages. i still have the backpack hanging in my closet- mostly for sentimental reasons- though i think the last time i dared put anything in it was....well.....before my last birthday, when i got my spiffy newish bag. as i mentioned on my wnok website, i am a big fan of keith haring's work. somehow, my significant other managed to find a backpack and one of those over the shoulder messenger bag sort of bags with keith haring's barking dog icon on them. i resisted using them at first (ridiculously strong sentimental attachment to my old backpack), but then i discovered i could actually fit more stuff into these new bags. as a bonus, the one i drag around on a daily basis is an obnoxious shade of orange, with a bright green logo on it. i'm not sure whether it's black light-friendly or not, but one of these days i'll check it out. the new backpack is what i take with me on trips, and it has come in handy when hiking, though there are a couple of packs better suited to the serious stuff (i.e. grand canyon) that i've been coveting since my last trip to l.l. bean.

but back to my bag's enormous appetite. i suppose it wouldn't eat so much if i didn't shove in a file cabinet worth of stuff. if i took inventory right now, i could come up with at least five magazines (mostly unread- that's why they're in there- hoping i have some free time to leaf through their glossy pages.), two lesson plan books (one from last year), a couple of avon catalogs (just in case i ever work up the nerve to boldly hand one over to a random starnger), at least one bottle of nail polish (also hoping i'll get some free time), my address book, a stash of cards (i should start on my march birthdays sometime soon), my planner (can't leave home without it), my glasses (even though my contacts are in and i forgot to bring their case to work with me), a computer disk (gotta get those lesson plans written for next week), and, since i'm a girl, i have to have at least two of each major emergency staple- lip balm (no lipstick- i'm not that girly), nail files, band aids, hand creams, and those products that make boys squeamish. somewhere in this heap lies that lonely, defenseless calendar page.

i packed this page last night, while on the phone. i owed a friend a phone call for at least the last month, and the occassion arose last night. you see, the world of radio is a fairly small one, and last night i was listening to this friend spew some trivia about the old harry chapin tune "cat's in the cradle". he wrapped up his trivia by saying mr. big covered the song in 1991. (not chris noth on sex and the city- mr. big was a early 90s rock band- perhaps you've heard their ballad "to be with you"? no? how about "just take my heart"? not that one either? they were hits- really.) anyway, he had his 1993 folk song covers mixed up: ugly kid joe (my first concert, by the way) covered "cat's in the cradle", and mr. big did cat stevens' "wild world" within a few months of each other. since i nearly ran off the road fussing at the radio for this minor error (these sorts of things bother me- i'm a little weird that way), i felt compelled to call and give him hell about it. besides, like i said, i owed him a phone call. so, it was while talking to him that i lost george carlin's page. and when i opened up my planner to check the mr. big/ugly kid joe note i'd scribbled down, out it fell.

so.....(drumroll please)....without further adieu, the february 15, 2005 page on my george carlin page a day calendar said:

"The mayfly lives only one day, and sometimes it rains."

something to ponder later, after i finish cleaning out my bag.

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