Thursday, February 17, 2005

a fairytale character for the technological age

it's taken me a couple of days to get back to my blog, and i have a perfectly good reason- i made the mistake of checking my email. it seems the spam fairy, with nothing better to do, took a dump in my emailbox. i've spent the last couple of days wading through "incredible" offers for free performace-enhancing drugs (will they help my acting?), explicit videos (trying to cut down, but thanks.), missives from my "soulmate" (who should realize i'm not into chicks- must have me confused with some other duff), and if i'm offered one more free car/laptop/ipod/camera/shetland pony, said "gift" will be hurled at the computer screen. (well, maybe not the shetland pony- i think it would be kind of cool to have one, actually.)

anyway, by the time i shoveled out my inbox, my lunch break was over, and i had to get back to my herd of two-year olds at school. by the time i got anywhere near the computer again, inspiration had left and i was reduced to stalking my own gnomads.

after all that, what was i going to write about? i can't recall- maybe i shouldn't have turned down the "incredible free memory-aid kit" the spam fairy left me this afternoon.

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