Friday, February 18, 2005

can't get you out of my head

"i went skydiving....."
i was on the phone with a good friend earlier, pondering songs that get stuck in your head, like a gnat in one's ear. i've been filling in some shifts at the country station in our cluster, despite my intense dislike of country music. the great part about picking up the extra hours is that rush i get every two weeks when i open up a slightly bigger paycheck. the downside, however, is that lately i've been getting country songs stuck in my head. (current least favorites: whatever that new leann rimes tune is- something about love not making sense-, and "live like you were dying" by tim mc graw.) i attribute this to the fact that the shifts i cover are countdown shows, and both songs are apparantly quite popular right now. (it's the south- it happens, i guess.)

"....rocky mountain climbing......"
anyway, usually when i get a song stuck in my head, i go with the flow. if it's something i like (i.e.- just about any 80's tune except "mickey" by toni basil or styx's "mr. roboto"), i can sing along or play the cd it's on once to get the underlying desire to hear it taken care of. if it's something i don't like (i.e.- "mickey" or "mr. roboto"), usually throwing in one of my favorite cds and listening to it will work. however, the country music in my noggin just won't quit! i have tried blasting inxs' kick album at full volume. the neighbors were not thrilled, and tim just kept singing. i've tried making a parody in my head a la weird al, but it didn't work- i don't think even he would tackle that stuff.

".....two point seven seconds......."
i've tried thinking happy a trip to spain i took a few years ago with my mom. we bought stuffed bulls in barcelona....

".....on a bull named fu manchu...."
and don't you hate it when you get, like, two lines from a song stuck in your head. so you're sitting there mentally going "blah blah blah blah i went skydiving....rocky mountain climbing...i went two point seven seconds on a bull named fu manchu....blah blah blah....i went skydiving...."- like there's a scratch on your mental record (or cd, for you young folks) and your needle just can't get past it?

".....i went skydiving...."
i seem to be back to where i started. i should call my friend and tell her to check my blog now- so she, too, can mentally sing (and blah blah) along.

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