Monday, February 21, 2005

i can see four piles and piles and piles.......

i'm home sick. school's closed today, but we're all supposed to be in charlotte for a bunch of classes. since i was scheduled to work at 104.7 wnok until midnight, the prospect of waking up at 5 a.m. with probably about 4 hours of sleep under my belt and then driving two hours to get to the meeting place made me ill. i haven't had a full night's sleep since about tuesday, mostly due to working one job or another until midnight each night. i also had reason to lose sleep otherwise, but i'm feeling better now. at any rate, i didn't crawl out of bed this morning until after 10, and i'm feeling a little bit better.

i've been trying to cut down on clutter lately. i'm a born piler. you know the type- everything lands in a pile. sometimes the piles have a common theme, sometimes the common theme is "i can drop this next to the front door and maybe move it later on". (makes you want to sign up to be my roommate, doesn't it? kidding.....) after awhile, the piles begin to resemble the leaning tower of pisa, and if i forget to prop them back up, they start looking like mt. st. helens (post-eruption)....which reminds me- is she still smoking? i've lost track. maybe i'll google it later and see.

anyway, i finally looked around at the piles and decided it was time to move some of the contents into trash/recycling/goodwill. (the recycling pile is currently the washington monument leaning on the lincoln memorial, but i hope to get rid of it well as the jefferson memorial currently under construction along the backseat of my car.) this was partially inspired by mama's visit. she couldn't sleep on the futon, because it's currently holding up all the stuffed animals i can't bear to part with. plus, she hates futons. she's opted to sleep on the couch, which, until saturday night, held a few boxes, a couple of "fuqqet puppet"s (mama's creation), several unread magazines i'd dragged back from kansas city last october, and a giant stuffed walrus that groaned when you squeezed its tail. i wound up on a cleaning binge, which is why the trash can is full, and i have modeled several washington, d.c. landmarks out of boxes of recycling.

i have yet to declutter my room, and i'm afraid it needs it the most. in addition to my covered futon, i have books stacked all over the place, binders of lesson plans precariously balanced upon one another, just about every copy of blender magazine sitting unread in the corner (the subscription was free, and then they extended it.), a corner (and then some) full of craft materials (for school and babysitting), and while i'm pretty sure there's another chair in here, i haven't actually seen it lately. admittedly, the worst part of my room is in the doorway. i call it "the pile". "the pile" is comprised mostly of magazines i want to keep intact, ads and articles i've ripped out of magazines, and i'm not really sure what is contained in the box at the base of "the pile". it's a horrible eyesore, but i don't think i was up for any "house beautiful" awards anyway. one day, i'll get around to taking care of "the pile" when working till midnight on a semi-regular basis pays off and i can afford a large house with a room dedicated to nurturing "the pile". (mama, if you're reading this, i heard that groan.)

that's enough for now. i need to find decent pictures to add to my webpage, right after i finish building the white house out of my goodwill pile.

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