Thursday, February 24, 2005

it's official- i'm a dork.

i heard from an old friend today. well, let's be honest- he's more than an old friend- he's the guy formerly known as my boyfriend. ("ex-boyfriend" makes it sound like i feel negatively towards him, which i don't. let's face it- sometimes, relationships just don't work out.) anyway, you know how no matter how much you love your current significant other- and believe me, i do- there's always that one that got away? well, that's who i heard from. sure, i realize it probably wouldn't have worked out anyway- we're both different people now, but i admit i still smile when i see his name in my inbox. (note to self: change email password again.) i emailed him a few days ago to find out how he was doing (serious health issues, and of course i still care...)and his reply came today. here's what he said:

"I checked out your site.'re a dork. I'm sorry."

the fact that the took it back in the next line and said he was only teasing is irrelevant. he called me a dork.

yep, he obviously still digs me :)

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