Sunday, February 13, 2005

have i sold out?

it seems like everyone and their mother has their own blog these days. in fact, i'm not the only duff with a blog. when i tried to register a name for this, "duff" was taken, and so was "duffstuff". so, i had to settle for its present title- i guess the other duffs don't muse randomly. (was that even approaching proper grammar?)

anyway, i tend to swim upstream- go against the trends. this time, however, i'm giving in to peer pressure out of necessity. i can't gripe on air at 104.7 wnok for more than about 30 seconds at a time, and most of my thoughts are more than 30 seconds long. so- sit back and relax- even i'm not sure where this ride may wind up.


bricotrout said...

yea! im officially the first one to comment on duffs blog now! good stuff! now youll always remember me! ;) was it good for you too?

duff said...

i just caught this....

i'd return the gesture, but i'm sure someone's already beat me to it. :~)