Wednesday, February 23, 2005

five minutes.....

i have just five minutes left before i have to drag myself back to work. have you ever noticed how hard it is the first day back at work- whether you've been out 10 days, or just one? i had to take an early lunch break, so my assistant can leave early to drive up to new hampshire for a few days. oh- and right before i left, the last child in my class came to school. one of my biggest pet peeves- parents who don't feel the need to call when their child is going to be late or absent. it drives me bonkers! i do things that have to be planned for- art projects and whatnot. and it is NOT helpful to yell into the classroom during naptime that your child has arrived. arrrrggghhhh. one day, i will write a parenting book. until then, if your child is in any sort of school, do the teacher a favor and call if you're going to drag your child in late- especially when everyone else is trying to sleep.

thanks for letting me vent- i feel better now.

on the bright side, it's gorgeous outside, and i believe we will play outdoors all afternoon. oh- and it's almost friday.

back to work. yee-haw.

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