Sunday, February 20, 2005

i'll finish this later...maybe

i seem to be my most productive when i am procrastinating. i've spent 9 1/2 out of the last 10 hours doing everything but writing my lesson plans for this week. i had to do my live shift on wnok from 10 a.m. till 2p.m., and of course i had to concentrate on my shift, so i couldn't very well work on lesson plans then. instead, i worked on more mindless tasks- checking in with various message boards to see what was new, clearing out a couple of pieces of spam from my inbox, looking for airline tickets to phoenix in may (i can do it for $250! i was quite pleased with myself for finding that deal.).....stuff that needed to be done, though not necessarily today.

at 2:00, i went over to babysit another radio station. i tried to start on my lesson plans, but the sunday paper was sitting right there, and despite the absence of opus from the comics section, i read the whole thing (minus boring sections, like business, sports, and real estate). my mom came into town around the time i finished the paper, so i had to call and con her into bringing me some m&m fudge she'd brought down from maine for me. i had to visit with her when she came, and that ate up a couple of hours. in addition, a good friend i hadn't seen in awhile happened to be in the building, so of course i had to talk to him for a little while. (in the process, i arranged for one of my gnomads to accompany him on his honeymoon to italy in early april.)

everyone left about an hour and a half ago, taking most of my procrastination excuses with them. i sat down to work on my lesson plans, but then i realized i needed to create some flyers to go out with the avon order that came in yesterday. (keep in mind i'd intended to make up these flyers a couple of weeks ago, but somehow never got around to it.) so, three different versions are done. now the only thing standing between me and my lesson plans is this blog entry. after all, i haven't done one all day, and i suppose i need to give the one person who reads this (besides myself, of course) something new to look at.

yesterday, i thought of a million topics to write about. can i remember any of them now? of course not.

speaking of yesterday, i found myself at one of those huge electronics stores last night and wouldn't you know it- "the greatest american hero" was on sale. $17.99 later (plus tax), it was all mine. (the dvd i bought my mom was on sale, so i figured it worked out. now, all i need to do is find time to actually sit down and watch the dvd......currently the first seasons of alf, mork and mindy, and 21 jump street are all gathering dust on my shelf for that reason.)

so anyway, here i sit, with my lesson plans sitting on the counter, half done, several magazines on the other chair in the studio.......wait a minute....i should read those, because then i could stop carrying them around. and there are a couple of boxes of catalogs i need to label so i can pass them out and maybe i should attempt to paint my nails.....and then i can get back to this before i finish my lesson plans. it's brilliant! i can accomplish so much while further putting off my necessary duties! i'd better get started. until later.......or tomorrow.

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