Friday, April 20, 2007

sadly, nevermore.....

cell phone boycott: day one
calls missed: one (damn)

i've had a peculiar blend of "why can't i be you?", "roam", and various songs from the my best friend's wedding soundtrack running through my head. i'm not sure what all this means, but i'm sure it'll lead to some sort of bizarre julia roberts/robert smith dream this evening. (wait- perhaps that's the connection....but what about the b-52s? did they have a member with "robert" somewhere in their name? i should google that later.)

however, i'm not here this evening to pound out various connections between random songs in my head. i'm here, to give myself something to do while i run the bathwater- which i'll top off after getting in the tub, just because i learned a rather chilly lesson the other night. (go ahead- scroll down and read it- i can wait.......)

speaking of water, it is with great sorrow that i must report the passing of a dear friend, whom i never actually had the pleasure of meeting. it seems a close college friend of mine is preparing to bury her close friend and roommate.

i asked if there had been any warning signs. perhaps he wasn't his usual happy-go-lucky self? had she overheard him quoting the raven and listening to joy division more than usual? maybe she'd come home from class one day and found him writing bad poetry in his journal. did she catch him practicing various mopey shakespearean monologues? was he sobbing uncontrollably in his room in the wee hours of the morning, when he thought she'd fallen asleep? was he sleeping more than usual?

simply put, the answer to all of these questions was "no" (though i noticed a long pause before receiving an answer to that final question, though i suppose that one might have required a little extra thought, considering it was sometimes hard to tell when he was actually asleep and when he was just staring into space.)

however, now is not the time to ponder how/when it all went sour. it's time to recount happy memories (which i'm sure i'd have, had i actually met him), and lend support to the bereaved (i already offered to fly out to montana and hand her kleenex during the burial ceremony....still waiting for an answer on that one.)

so, raise a tall glass of water to a dear friend and loved one, who brought my former roommate such joy. his life was far too short, but he lived every day to the fullest.

r.i.p count cosmos
september 2006- april 2007

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