Friday, April 13, 2007

perhaps i should get out more

i'm restless, and a nine year old is partially to blame.

since our return from miami, i've found myself in three different conversations with the nine year old (my sidekick's big brother) about how lucky i am that my parents liked to travel with us so much and how i'm always going cool places and he wishes he could travel that much and so on and so forth.

apparently, sometime between our first conversation on the topic and the brief one we had earlier this evening (as his dad was contemplating where in the world they should travel using his 600000 marriott bonus points or whatever they're called), he'd brought the topic up with his mom (my boss). as he told me earlier, she told him that once they retire (i think she's got a five year plan in place for such an event), they'll travel even more than i do.

is it just me, or does this sound like it's evolved into some sort of pissing contest? furthermore, why do i find myself with not only this window open, but also windows for expedia, orbitz, and travelocity, trying to figure out whether or not i want to go adventuring in seattle, alaska, or the caribbean by myself?


Laurie said...

does sound like a bit of "one-upmanship" screw it. travel more than them. that'll learn them.

duff said...

laurie: i like the way you think. :)

not only will i start traveling more- i'll update my office screensaver with new pictures from every fabulous trip i take.