Friday, April 27, 2007

got junk?

i recently read something interesting- it seems that a new surgical procedure has gained popularity lately- women are actually wandering into their doctors' offices and requesting that a little extra junk be packed in their trunks. the article didn't say anything about recovery times or anything of that sort ("how long before i'll be able to sit again, doc?" and "if i'm out ice skating and fall on my butt a little too hard, will the padding move and give me hips like venus de milo?") i am quite thankful that i'll never need to go through such a procedure.

more of that in a minute.

last week, while the bosses were out of town, i took it upon myself to swing by target and drop off a couple of disposable cameras i'd found lying around their house.

i never know what to expect when dropping off a random disposable camera for develping. sometimes, i can actually identify the main subjects, though usually i wind up staring at vaguely familiar scenes and wondering if maybe this was one of those "drunken party" cameras from a weekend of debauchery in college or some such thing.

i recognized one camera from our recent trip to florida, but the other was a complete mystery and quite frankly, i was a little fearful that it was filled with pictures of my bosses, snapped during a weekend of post-college debauchery.

as it turns out, the second camera was quite innocent- mostly pictures my five year old sidekick took of her parents, albeit at odd angles and sometimes with portions of her right hand making an appearance.

on the other hand (pun quite possibly intended), the known camera, the one she toted around typhoon lagoon....well....

i remember her yelling about taking a picture of my butt while we were wading around in one of the pools. little did i know that it was actually one of several. (note to the faint of heart, as well as any of my relatives: you probably want to leave now and go look for webkinz on ebay instead or something.):

this is the portrait of my derriere that i actually knew about. (however, i obviously did not know that my tag was hanging out.)

...and the butt shot i didn't know about. (thank goodness it's not that bad.)

as a public service, i'll spare you the other photos. for some reason, direct sunlight makes my butt resemble jabba the hutt's more than it does heidi klum's....and i don't need either of my readers to suggest the other, more popular surgical procedure for that general area.


The Rover said...

You cannot imagine how good you made my day.

duff said...

honey, if that's all it takes to make your day, i'm afraid you must be in pretty rough shape.


Living Without Her said...