Thursday, April 19, 2007

don't call me- i might call you (when i'm good and ready)

was looking for inspiration this evening, and interestingly enough, it comes from my bosses. (actually, i could probably write a book or two about them, but for once they've given me something to work with that i think i can share.

we're currently battling over my distaste of the "electronic leash". it was bestowed upon me while in miami, and for some reason, it just won't go away....which is not making me happy.

i know i'm alone on this one, but quite frankly, i like being unreachable. with a cell phone comes the impression (of others) that suddenly they can reach you, no matter what time of day. if the phone rings and you don't answer, for some reason, then you have to field questions about why you didn't answer. (every time i'm asked about this, i have to suppress the urge to say "because i don't feel like talking while i'm in the can"- though as we all know, that doesn't stop most folks.)

since the phone i use rings my boss's phone if i don't answer, he's decided he needs to switch the forwarding on it....and i'm supposed to set up voice mail so people can leave me messages.

i can already smell the storm brewing. the way i see it, if something's that vitally important, it can be taken care of before i wander off, or sent to my email, or left on my answering machine at home, or, heck, i'm always at work- might as well dial that number. therefore, the voice mail is unnecessary.

i'm playing along this week, only because they're out of town and i've got their offspring. however, i figure by monday or tuesday, the battery should be tapped and maybe i can be left alone.

call me old fashioned, but don't expect me to answer if you're calling the cell.

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