Saturday, March 24, 2007

i'll tell you what i want, what i really, really want

* the new joss stone album

* a decent back massage

* the sort of derriere that will look so absolutely fantastic in a bikini when i'm in florida in a few days that guys who behold the glory of my butt actually get smacked for looking

i figure i can take care of one of the above at best buy later on today.....perhaps two, if i can find an attractive employee of age and talk him into it.

sadly, at this point, i fear my butt may be a lost cause.

i can't remember whether or not i've already told you about the upcoming florida trip. my bosses are taking the entire practice to hollywood, florida, for a conference.  this is their third major trip this year, and i've babysat the kids in their absence the last two times, so i was a little surprised when i was asked if i wanted to come along and watch the kids while everyone else is in meetings and whatnot. (i had to think about it for a whopping three seconds.)

to prepare for the trip (and, more importantly, the 9-hour car ride down to florida), i'm adding more music to my laptop (which, of course, will be coming with me) and my ipod.

the first spice girls cd was the first thing ripped into my computer, and i'm feeling a bit old. i mean, did you realize that it's been eleven years since we first pondered the wisdom of "if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends"? (for the record, i'm still wondering about that one. i mean, do you really need your friends to "test the waters", as it were? i'm afraid i just don't share that well.)

speaking of love, lust and everything in between, a rather interesting dating site was recently pointed out to me.

while this isn't the first unusual dating site i've come across, it's surely one of the better ones, topping even this, which i seriously considered as a means of alternate income for a short time.

wait- make that present tense. the income from one imaginary relationship could be enough to purchase a bikini that would make my butt look fabulous, wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

I bought the new Joss Stone album last week and here's the deal: the first three songs kick ass and the rest is crap.

Even the producer couldn't camouflage her horrible lyrics.

My advice: download the first three songs on iTunes and be done with it.

.: raven :. said...

LOL @ imaginary girlfriend .. and the sheep thing .. well that's just wrong.

duff said...

what about an imaginary sheep?

Chris said...

Your post got me thinking about my own butt. So I tried to check it out, but (no pun intended) it is behind me and I can not see it. I think I am just going to assume it is very sexy until someone tells me otherwise. Maybe you should do the same?