Saturday, March 03, 2007

not afraid to sing the wrong words at the top of my lungs....

....assuming i'm the only one in the car.

last night, while driving home from my weekly babysitting gig, i was too lazy to dig out my ipod and plug it in so i could listen to butch walkers "hot girls in good moods" (a song with which i am ever so slightly obsessed, as SO can attest, after being forced to listen to it no fewer than five times during the drive to see the blue man group thursday night....but i digress.), so i wound up flipping through the dial and landing on my favorite mostly-80s station.

a blast from the past came on, and i felt compelled to sing along....

i can see it in your walk
tell it when you talk
see it in everything you do
even in your talk

you know, i've never understood why jordan felt the need to mention the talking thing twice, but no one ever accused the new kids on the block of being master songwriters. (yes, i realize most of their hits were penned by hired help, but when i was young and obsessed, i was a wee bit naive. heck- i thought the fab five actually read my fan letter, the only portion of which i can actually remember was a line about how instead of wearing belts, i wore sashes. i'm still wondering why none of the guys- not even danny, who surely you agree looked like a monkey- ever showed up at my house to sweep me off my feet.)

however, it hit me last night, after- when did the hangin' tough album come out? 1988? 1989? egads- were that song a child, it'd be applying to colleges right now- when did i get so old?- eighteen or so years, i guess, that the second "talk" is supposed to be "thoughts".

so there ya go- my shameful secret:

i wore sashes.


Ren said...

I DID NOT wear "bobby brown" and/or "MC Hammer" and/or "Balloon" pants. NO I DID NOT.

Yes, I've returned.

Kal said...

Don't feel bad. There's photographic evidence I wore a white linen jacket to a semi-formal...

(I was, however, too blond for the requisite stubble. And I wore a collared shirt, not a colored tee shirt...)

Kristin said...

I had hair like Charlie Sexton... And I wore the obligatory leg warmers too... but as far as feeling old..My oldest daughter who turned 14 yesterday announced she wanted to take her learner's test... *sob* When I was 14, I had my hair like Charlie Sexton!