Friday, March 16, 2007

i miss my mind the most

things i've lost recently, undoubtedly because they weren't attached

1. my ipod charging cord thing (yes, that's a technical term)
2. the incredibly stylish case in which i keep said cord, plus spare ipod skin, headphones, and occasionally even the ipod itself
3. your number, which is why i haven't called
4. the list of cds i need to take to work
5. my favorite pair of underwear. (all right- who's the fetishist who raided my drawers?)
6. my butch walker cd. actualy, i know it's around here somewhere, but given the current disarray of my cds collection, i'm afraid i haven't the faintest idea which pile it's in.
7. the case to zoolander. i think SO's hiding it, because he knows that once the case and dvd are reunited, i plan on adding the film to my dvd collection, leaving a gap in his.
8. the love boat theme song.....which, i am proud to report, has not been in my head since last night. i am also proud to report that its replacement, "gravity" by john mayer, is a vast improvement.


Chris said...

I am not 100% sure, but I think I have your underwear.

duff said...

chris: would you mind taking them off your head and mailing them back, please? thanks.

Chris said...

If I can figure how to get up off the floor its a deal. That was some party.