Monday, February 13, 2006

you searched for what???? (anniversary edition)

one of my favorite features over the past year has been "you searched for what???", just because i can share with you some of the very odd searches that lead folks to my blog.

i considered revisiting some of the stranger offerings in honor of my blogiversary, but there were just so many bizarre queries in this weekend's statcounter results that i felt i'd be remiss in not sharing them with you:

lyrics to "yOu CaN tUrN oFf tHe SuN"

psst- hey, you. yeah, you- the guy/gal in massachusetts who went to msn for guidance on this one- it's "the remedy (i won't worry)" by jason mraz, and you can find it on his album waiting for my rocket to come. you're welcome.

"deliberate wetting" teacher

this one came from the british version of google. i guess they're really into this sort of thing across the pond. sorry to disappoint.

"roaches down the toilet

this searcher from california seems to be so desperate to find out if flushing roaches actually works that they didn't want to waste any time closing their quotes.

i wish i had an answer for you but, quite frankly, i have no desire to get close enough to a roach to pick it up and throw it into the can.

jeremy piven "a girlfriend"

sadly, it's not me. i sincerely doubt jeremy even knows i'm alive...unless he's the mysterious caller who keeps hanging up on my answering machine.

famous rapper topock

all together now: tupac! tupac! TUPAC!

sadly, three different people searched for this yesterday, and yes- all of them were american, so i'm afraid i can't cut you folks any slack on this one.

now, if you'll excuse me, i have a little searching of my own (tokens of my esteem for tomorrow) to do.....


joanne said...

OMG, I love Jeremy Piven too!!! He's so hot and not too many people know it.

Joefish said...

I love Topok Shakur.