Saturday, February 18, 2006


i'm totally procrastinating.

i have a list of things i should be doing- it's roughly as long as my arm.

have i tackled any of it? nope.

not. one. thing.

instead, i've started another round of "sentence saturday".....

....and i updated random photos.....

....and i helped bodhi update his blog (it's a little hard for him to reach the keyboard, in seeing as how his arms are only an inch long).

and...well...i'm halfway through my second radio shift of the day, which has to count for something, right?

perhaps i'm just lacking motivation. the latest issue of rolling stone is calling my name far louder than the avon catalogs i need to label, and though i know i really should get caught up on birthday cards (i think the last one i wrote was in november- if that recently) i'm just not in the mood. in fact, here's today's "need to do" list:

1. avon totals maybe after the kids go to bed tonight- otherwise, i don't see this happening before tomorrow.
2. avon brochures refer to #1
3. birthday cards at this point, i should just buy a bunch of "belated" cards and call it good. until then, attempting to scribble out cards is pointless.
4. clean apartment no way around this- i need to at least clear off the couch and create a little more floor space for mama and her stuff.
5. print flyers to go with #2 i can do this by 3- assuming i'm done blogging by then.
6. stop by work- finish caulking, unload dishwasher maybe, dust blinds, feed cats
7. take a nap assuming i have time, i'm totally all over this one, dude.
8. work out (it'll be my 4th day in a row- go me!) only if i can fit in a nap, as well.
9. clear out freezer space to accomodate a batch of mama's meatballs throw food into over/steamer whie cleaning- consider me the queen of multitasking.
10. update radio station webpage if i can get the other stuff taken care of this weekend, i'll be all over it....starting with changing a few pictures.

surely i'm not the only one having problems getting motivated today.....

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Anonymous said...

I hear you! I, too, am the queen of procrastination. In fact, I'm procrastinating right now by surfing blogs. :-)

Maybe I'll finish that client project soon!

Love your blog!