Thursday, February 09, 2006

breaking the silence

a few random things before i get ready for work:

my current job involves assisting a geriatrician and his wife. the sad truth of it is, sometimes patients die. last week, a fly on the wall heard this:

"well, she went out the way everyone wants to."

"on top of a thirty-year old poolboy?"

(i'm a little concerned, because in a subsequent retelling, my poolboy was only 20. since this conversation was about a week ago, i'm guessing by now my pool boy may or may not be legal....)


there's nothing quite like losing a tooth at 5:30 in the morning. on the bright side, at least i didn't swallow it. HO is out of town this weekend, but the crown and my mouth will be reunited first thing monday morning.


SO sent me here yesterday to see photos of val kilmer sucking face with paris hilton. (scroll down and click on the heineken picture to get to it.)

nice try, hon, but the val kilmer clause is still in effect, because:

1. are you sure that's val? he looks kind of like ryan reynolds to me.
2. whoever he is, he's obviously plowed...and doesn't alcohol kill germs?
3. when val shows up at my door, i plan on handing him a test kit that covers every disease known to man, anyway...because i have no doubt he's been around.
4. good news for me (if, in fact, it is val)- val's into younger chicks.


i'm sure there's more i need to share with you, but i have to head off to work....perhaps we'll have time to catch up a little more this evening?????


Joefish said...

Believe it or not, I don't think I've ever heard the word "geriatrician" before this.

Footprint said...

um...and is there anything about your poolboy you wish to tell us....??

Kristi said...

oh so clearly smashed.

I've alwasy wanted a poolboy *sigh*
now that Hot Neighbor is gone whatever shall I do?

Stef said...

Joe, a geriatrician is a doctor that specializes in medical concerns of the aged.

I guess Mr. Kilmer wouldn't like me... I'm not young enough for him. He's the same age as my ex husband!

DrM2B said...

I had a pooboy once....made him wear a thong or I wouldnt pay him. can we say HOT!.....

um....yeah...VAL....unbelievable sexy mouth....and rocked as Jim.