Friday, February 24, 2006


it's been a busy week- from mama's visit to having to share a car to delivering a huge pile of orders in an attempt to reclaim some space in my living the truck race i'm playing commercials for here at the radio station, less than seven hours before my weekend shifts begin.

however, while here at work, i had a thought- why not start sentence saturday a little early? so, without further adieu, the first word this week is nylaphantomatic. scroll through the comments to find your word, and don't forget to leave a new, made-up word for the next person who stops by.


Labbie said...

I put a coin into the nylaphantomatic, but it just sat there, like a bump on a log... Until I plugged it in. Then I had the time of my life!


duff said...

i was so conflasticated after the all-night rave that even my eyelashes hurt.


bricotrout said...

the ultravist that had taken up residency in my eurethra was making all neccessary and fun activity very difficult and even painful.
i named him sven.


Ian said...

Good morning. I was wondering if you've ever hear of the New Monkees? I friend of mine obsessed with American Idol found this site about them and I thought it was pretty interesting and seeing that you were into 80's music (Debbie Gibson puts Brittany or Jessica to shame!) I thought you may have some info on the New Monkees. Here's the site:


duff said...

ever heard of them? i used to love that show...though all i really remember about it now is that there was a huge set of lips (i think- i mean, it's only been about 20 years) named helen...and michael nesmith's son was supposed to be in the group. (i'm assuming it was jason nesmith, who formed the band kill for thrills with gilby clarke, who replaced izzy stradlin in guns n roses.)

i am such a music nerd, i know.

now, back to your regularly scheduled sentence saturday.


Stef said...

I frequently suffer from boyiturts, being the mother of four sons! ;)


bricotrout said...

he explained that he was fresh out but that it was cool. he would pull out in time. she responded abruptly "if your not gonna wherrucher, you aint gonna ride me!"


mr_g said...

His keen doobitude made it easy to score a bag at the concert.


Stef said...

She got hyrantical when her grandson smashed up the car she'd had only 4 months.


mr_g said...

Instead of the debutante status she craved, the papers relegated her to the damutank, to the embarassment of her whole family.


Anonymous said...

Before I answer your question, let me take a moment to scrapilfy my position.


mr_g said...

The farseltarts barely covered her as she stode onto the stage at the Frisky Kitty.


Bobby said...

the painkillers are barely helping with my severe case of angulosis.


mr_g said...

President Bush became violently ill after trying the feraghespini and condor egg special. Though that didn't stop him from ordering it again!


Stef said...

I had a bad case of muscle spatulation when I tripped on the curb and sprained my back.