Tuesday, September 03, 2013

something worth noting.....

holy schnikes- it's been a while since i last pounded out a post. i keep meaning to tell you about this year's birthday trip, but i'm normally on the internet via my ipad, and i've yet to find a way to convince it to allow me to upload the photos saved on my ipad. (i suppose i could tell you about my trip, minus the visual aids, but i just don't think it would do it justice.)

anyway, i have time to post this morning from my home away from home. normally, i'd be slogging through paperwork for job #3 right now, but i'm about out of paperwork to work on for that job, and i'm already ahead of where i should be by about a month. therefore, i've got time to work on other projects during my downtime here. just think- in a couple of weeks, i could be all caught up on my photo albums- even the one from my trip to ireland a mere 7 years ago!

hahahahaha- just kidding. i'm not quite ready for that sort of major undertaking. i believe dr. leo marvin would advise taking baby steps here:

so, instead of filling my backpack with half finished (if i'm lucky enough to have actually gotten that far) photo albums, i brought in my address book and a supply of notecards. 

i received some rather spiffy "curious george" notecards in a random care package from a friend a couple of months ago, and while they're not quite large enough for the last two thank you notes i need to scribble pertaining to my trip*, i think they're a perfect size for random notes of gratitude- an idea i'm borrowing from my best friend from high school. (i'd offer up a link to the post where she talks about this idea, but i have scoured her blog and it is eluding me. however, if you have a few extra moments, it's certainly worth checking out.)**

first up: eating a little crow and thanking an old boss for putting up with me back when i was stubborn and immature. (i'm not apologizing for not giving my two year olds candy, though.)

*both are heading out of the country, and i need to print up a photo to enclose with each one. unfortunately, i'm planning on printing 4x6s, and the notecards are 3 1/5" x 5".

**also, maybe if she sees the extra traffic over there, maybe she'll start posting regularly again. :~)

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