Thursday, September 26, 2013

a hairy situation

due to poor planning on my part, i had to stop at a gas station this morning between leaving work and heading to the canal for my daily run. 

while waiting in line behind a guy who couldn't decide whether or not a cup of the "caffeine blast" coffee would be as powerful as an espresso, the longhaired male cashier (vaguely resembling mike tramp, lead singer of white lion, circa 1988) said, "hello there, beautiful*. i want to take my time with you."**

after i left, i kicked myself for not asking the obvious. (i mean, he wasn't horribly unattractive.)

perhaps next time i'll work up the ask him to recommend a good detangler.

*did i mention i was heading to work out? we're talking about yoga pants, a t shirt, my favorite hoodie, and the five new zits that sprung up last night. i'm not sure whether i should be genuinely flattered, or if i should assume he thought i was an off duty stripper from across the street he thought he could score a free lapdance from with a well-placed compliment. 

**twice....but hey- maybe he'd been gulping down the "caffeine blast" this morning. 


Happy Jack said...

Its fun to be wanted! Even if it is by time traveling, second tier, 80's rock stars! Now I need to figure out which gas station the lead singer of Vixen is working!

duff said...

try the bp station on 3rd and main. ;~)