Saturday, September 28, 2013

in which i run for maximum color, not minimum time

i may be permanently blue.

well, actually, i know from experience that it'll wash/wear off eventually- it always does. 

what you see above is the aftermath of the color me rad 5k, which took place this morning in columbia, sc. 

the blue will come off eventually, just as it did after the color run last march,

and the green and red did after the bubble run last may,

and all of this somehow came off after the neon splash dash last may, as well.

(i'm not saying there wasn't some serious scrubbing involved. in fact, just thinking about it makes me want to haul out the body scrub and a loofah.)

that's the thing about fun runs. they're not really for the sort of person who doesn't like getting a little messy.

fortunately, i've never been that sort of girl. mud? bring it on! colored powder (and possibly colored water, to boot)? sign me up! i'm perfectly willing to get dirty for a good cause, too.

what would be ideal, of course, is if at least one of the above could be followed by this

if, for some reason, the color from color me rad is permanent, i guess i'll have to switch my halloween costume this year from "genie" to "smurf". thankfully, i've got a few weeks and a whole lot of body scrub i can use between now and then. 

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Osbasso said...

You make a great Smurf!