Tuesday, September 17, 2013

back on the road...err....sidewalk

it took 30 minutes to talk myself into going for a bike ride (28 to try to talk myself into running, 2 to haul my bike downstairs instead), but i'm pleased i gave in to myself. 

after a month spent with a low back tire, riding with a fully inflated one was a vast improvement. (on the downside, i suppose, i didn't get honked at nearly as much as usual, which backs up my theory that the honkers were just good samaritans trying to alert me to the state of my back tire- much like fellow drivers trying to get the attention of the guy zooming around with his gas cap dangling.)

as an added bonus, it seems the fine folks at "uncle bob's storage" finally trimmed back the bush that threatened to clothesline me each time i rode by. in a show of appreciation, i have cancelled plans to cut the bush myself and then leave the trimmings on their front step.

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