Thursday, September 19, 2013


i went rollerblading down at the canal on my way home from work today. (i put miles 61-65 on my new wheels.) there were lots of folks walking and running along the same path. normally,  i have no problems when it comes to passing them. 

tonight, however, was different. 

on three occasions, i found myself attempting to pass people who either did not grasp that "coming up on your left" means that someone is about to pass you on your left and would appreciate it if you'd move over, or maybe they thought i could skate on gravel.*

the entire 2 1/2 miles between the dam and my car,

i fantasized about putting courtesy aside and investing in one of those little horns that emits a really loud "AWOOGA" when squeezed. 

i haven't ordered it yet, but i'm not ruling it out, either. 

*no. trust me- i learned this firsthand a couple of years ago.

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